Why STOTT Pilates?

Why Pilates

I began my Pilates practice when looking for a way to stay active that didn’t give me joint pain. At the time, I suffered from tech neck and a hearty forward posture, thanks to work that required I sit at a computer all day. Pilates calls for a precision in movement that I immediately welcomed, because I soon became aware of my body and how it moved in space in a way that was revolutionary to me, and I began to carry myself differently. This difference had me upright, looking and feeling better.

Innovative Techniques Grounded in Science

Pilates is a unique form of exercise that increases strength, flexibility, and balance while restoring posture. The best part? It accomplishes all this without creating undue stress on the joints. This method of movement not only keeps me and my clients engaged but delivers tremendous results. A STOTT Certified Pilates Trainer, my approach to developing exercise programs is based on the latest understandings of exercise science. Content is always refreshed, and working out is never dull because the variety and combination of exercises are endless.
  • About a year ago, I started doing Pilates twice a week with Christine. Christine was approachable from the “get-go,” and I recognized her experience in working with those who are recovering from injuries.  I instantly hit it off with her gentle but experienced approach, and was comforted that she knew so much about physiology and anatomy. I have had back problems for years, and am always wary and avoidant of exercises that might aggravate my issues. I am grateful Christine was conscientious about protecting my lower back. She has helped me learn to love PILATES. In the past year, I've been able to strengthen my body, improve my flexibility, lengthen my muscles, and improve my overall posture. Christine is an important part of my week, and I appreciate how she adapts each workout to match what is going on with my body that day. I have fun in our sessions, never grow bored, and always look forward to the next one.
    Marlene K
  • I have been working with Christine for over two years and can say nothing but positive things.  She is highly knowledgeable and is always striving to learn more to help her clients.  She is incredibly thorough, sometimes contacting me before a session to inquire about a current mobility and/or health issue, so the workout can be modified as needed.  Christine is flexible with scheduling, unfailingly patient, always concerned,  impressively professional… my list could go on and on.
    Ellen W.
  • I have worked with Christine for over 5 years in Pilates. My core strength and flexibility has improved tremendously. I am stronger, have better posture, and am more balanced. We currently combine MELT Method, MELT Performance and Pilates during each session. Combining these three approaches has truly made it a holistic workout, taking care of my muscles as well as the connective tissue and the neurological pathways that help my muscles move efficiently.
    Holley M.

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