Why MELT method?

My MELT Story

I am no stranger to chronic pain. In fact, I suffered from it for two long years before finding MELT. I turned to MELT when traditional therapies failed to help me, and I became open to new ideas and techniques. I was struggling. I wanted to hug my kids without bracing myself for the pain that would ripple through my body when they put their little hands around my neck. I wanted to get through a day without focusing on how my body hurt. I just wanted to feel better.

Escaping Chronic Pain

I decided I had nothing to lose by trying MELT. I bought the MELT Method book, videos, balls, and roller and taught myself how to rehydrate my connective tissue and rebalance my over-stressed nervous system. I’ll be honest: it was a rocky road. At times I thought my efforts were in vain, but something told me not to give up. I am glad I didn’t! After MELTing consistently for 9 weeks, I became pain free. I could hardly believe it, and that’s when I knew I had to study the method so I could share it with others. I know how chronic pain consumes a life, and I want to help you escape that. CONTACT me. Let’s get you on your journey to a happier, pain-free life.
  • I started taking MELT classes with Christine a few months ago to see if it could help with some systemic problems I've been having. I hardly knew anything about the method then, but she does a great job of not only explaining how to do the moves, but why.  I appreciate her calm and patient manner and always leave the class feeling better than I did before.
    Cathy W.
  • I highly recommend MELT classes with Christine. She takes her time, is very patient, and she really cares. You'll feel like you had a massage when you're done and you will be learning a technique to help yourself with pain and mobility that you can do on your own at home.
    Cindy M.
  • I find that doing the MELT Method helps with my overall health and wellbeing. I am not in pain, but I MELT for relaxation and relieving stress. We are very fortunate to have Christine and her expertise with MELT, because she keeps up with all of the newest moves. I highly recommend taking her class.
    Sally B.

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